Fleadh Cheoil Midwest 2024 will be held in Chicago, IL from April 26th - 28th.


Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook
2875 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Northbrook, IL 60062
Group code: CFL
Group cut-off date: Friday, April 12, 2024
Guest Room Rate: $115 plus tax includes breakfast (check your reservation for details)
Reservations Phone Number: 847-298-2525

Important: Please only make reservations through this site using the group code CFL
The Crowne Plaza provides the fleadh with competition rooms as a result of booking directly through them, which keeps entry prices low.



1. Fiddle
2. Button Accordion
3. Flute
4. Whistle
5. Piano Accordion
6. Concertina
7. Uilleann Pipes
8. Irish Harp
9. Mouth Organ
10. Banjo
11. Mandolin
12. Piano
13. Melodeon
14. Miscellaneous
15. Accompaniment
16. Bodhrán
17. Céilí Drums
18. Fiddle Slow Airs
19. Uilleann Pipes Slow Airs
20. Flute Slow Airs
21. Whistle Slow Airs
22. Harp Slow Airs
23. Duets
24. Trios
25. Céilí Band
26. Grúpaí Ceoil
27. Accordion Marching Bands
28. Flute Marching Bands
29. Miscellaneous Marching Bands
30. Pipe Marching Bands
31. Irish Singing (Ladies)
32. Irish Singing (Men)
33. Amhráin Bhéarla (Mná)
34. Amhráin Bhéarla (Fir)
35. Whistling
36. Lilting
37. Newly Composed Songs in Irish
38. Amhráin Nuacheaptha, Béarla
39. Newly Composed Tunes
40. 8-Hand Céilí Dancing, Ladies
41. 8-Hand Céilí Dancing, Mixed
42. 4-Hand Céilí Dancing, Ladies
43. 4-Hand Céilí Dancing, Mixed
44. Full Set, Ladies
45. Full Set, Mixed
46. Half Set, Mixed
47. Full Set, Mixed, O35
48. Rince ar an Sean-Nós
49. Comhrá Gaeilge
50. Storytelling
51. Scéalaíocht
54. Tír na nÓg
55. An t-Aistear - The Journey
56. Recitation

Age Groups:

A → U12: a person whose 12th or earlier birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

B → 12-15: a person whose 13th, 14th or 15th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

C → 15-18: a person whose 16th, 17th or 18th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

D → O18: a person whose 19th or greater birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

E → Any Age

F → U18: a person whose 18th or earlier birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

G → U9: a person whose 9th or earlier birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

H → 9-11: a person whose 10th or 11th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

I → 11-13: a person whose 12th or 13th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

J → 13-15: a person whose 14th or 15th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

K → 15-18: a person whose 16th, 17th or 18th birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

L → O35: Applies to Competition 47L only – Mixed Set O-35. All members of the set must have their
36th or greater birthday on any date in 2024.

N → O12: a person whose 13th or greater birthday occurs on any date in 2024.

Complete competition rules are available at "Rialacha Fleadhanna Cheoil" (The Official Competitions Rulebook) along with the " 2023 Addendum" are the official and binding fleadh rules.
This document provides a detailed description of performance requirements for each competition and age group.

Competitions are coded as follows: Competition + Age Group (e.g.: Fiddle Under 12 years old is Competition 1A)

Music Performance Requirements:
"Rialacha Fleadhanna Cheoil" (The Official Competitions Rulebook) provides a detailed description of performance requirements for each competition and age group.
Competitors who play extra tunes, e.g. two jigs or two reels in lieu of one, shall be adjudicated on the first tune of the selection only and shall be penalized by the deduction of two marks for each extra tune attempted.
Please note: The piano for competitions will be an 88-note, weighted action digital piano.

Dance Performance Requirements:
Competitors may only perform 4-Hand or 8-Hand Céilí Dances from Ár Rincí Céilí (Revision September 2014) and subsequent updates in the Céilí dancing handbook issued by An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha.
For detailed dance performance requirements, entries, categories, substitutions, etc please refer the Fleadh Competitions Rulebook ("Rialacha Fleadhanna Cheoil") page 13 (céilí dancing) or page 15 (set dancing).

Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Competitions:
Winners of First and Second prizes shall qualify to Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann (All-Ireland) in the same year.
The following competitions will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, however, winners will not be qualified for the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann (All-Ireland):
  • 54 - Tír na nÓg (U-12 age group only)
  • 55 - An t-Aistear - The Journey (All ages over 12)
These two events were created for musicians who want feedback on their playing from a qualified adjudicator, for those who find competition too stressful but want to be part of the festivities, or for beginners who are not quite ready for the qualifying competition. This is a low pressure, very positive event. Musicians or singers who choose to participate in Tír na nÓg or An t-Aistear cannot also compete in regular qualifying competitions on the same instrument. Entrants should plan to play two tunes in contrasting tempo or sing two songs: one lively, one slow. If the entrant performs only one piece, feedback will be given on that piece.
  • 56 - Recitation (Any age)

Media Permits:
The possibility of taking an audio or video recording of a competitor's performance requires the acquisition of a media permit (free of charge). Media Permits are given at registration and are valid for one competitor in one competition. Media permits will be heavily policed by competition stewards.

  Friday, April 26th
  • Registration desk opens 3:00pm
  • Duets and Trios 6:30pm
  Saturday, April 27th
  • Registration desk opens 7:00am
  • Solo Competitions start at 9:00am
  • Band Competitions start at 5:30pm
  Sunday, April 28th (no local feiseanna today)
  • Registration desk opens 9:00am
  • Sean Nos Competitions start at 9:30am
  • Set and Céilí Dance Competitions start at 10:00am

Spectator or Competitor wristband required to enter competition rooms

For the latest updates please visit the Midwest Fleadh Facebook page

Competition Application

 • Solo, Non-Qualifying Competitions: $15/each ($120 Maximum Fee excluding Registration Fee, late fees, Non CCÉ Member Fee and Band Fees)
 • Duet and Trios: $10 per competitor
 • Céilí Bands, Marching Bands, Grúpaí Ceoil: $100/each
 • 8-Hand Dance Competitions: $100/each
 • 4-Hand Dance Competitions: $50/each
 • A $20 Registration fee will be charged per family. This fee helps offset the expense of running the competition, the handling and distribution of adjudication sheets and provides the family with 2 Fleadh programs.
 • Please ensure that all spelling and capitalization is correct as names will appear in the program as submitted.
 • Incorrectly selected Age Groups will be grounds for instant disqualification on competition day.
 • Please complete all your family's entries in one instance. If you break your family's entries into two (or more) instances, you will be charged for Registration fees every time.
 • Incomplete (unpaid) entries are not registered. If you are unable to complete the entry process fully in one session, please re-start the process from the beginning.
 • Spectators (family members and guests 10 years and over) must purchase a Spectator Wristband ($10/person in advance, $12 at the door). Admits entry to ALL competitions including the Band competitions on Saturday night. Wristbands must be purchased at the registration desk – cash or check preferred.

 • Late registration is now in force, all new registrations will incur a $50 penalty. By popular demand, we will permit SUPER LATE online registration from 4/13 to 4/25 and on-site (at the fleadh) from 4/26 onward with a $100 late fee.


A per-family registration charge. Includes distribution of adjudication sheets and 2 Fleadh Programs. Charged online as part of a family’s entry.

1st Entry